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Do not buy such a patch panel!

Issuing time:2018-04-28 18:15

The patch panel, as a product that we use very frequently every day, is responsible for delivering electrical energy to the appliance. Like a bridge, once the chain is dropped, the small one will damage the electrical appliance, and the big one will cause a safety accident. For example, at the end of last year, CCTV exposed the patch panel on the Fujian market. All the test samples did not meet the requirements of the new national standard to be enforced, and the failure rate was as high as 100%.

Since we have been educated since childhood, "how to buy a safe and reliable plug-in board, then I will give you some reference."

What is the “new national standard” to be enforced?

As early as Qin Shihuang unified the six countries, our clever and diligent ancestors came up with the "book with the same text, the same car." Such standardized thinking, I don't know where it is higher than the West. Today, we are constantly receiving the influence of national standards (referred to as national standards) promoted by the national standardization authorities. On the one hand, standardized production increases the efficiency of industrial production, and for us, it is a guarantee for use.

The patch panels we usually use also need to strictly abide by the national standard. At present, the new national standard commonly known as the power strip industry refers to 35 countries including the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee approved in October 2015, "Household and similar plugs and sockets, Part 2-5: Special requirements for converters". Standards, standard numbers are GB 2099.3-2015 and GB 2099.7-2015. Most importantly, the new national standard for the patch panel will be enforced tomorrow, April 14. At that time, products that do not meet the new national standard will be banned from production (the key point is to prohibit production rather than prohibit sales, the old national standard products will be allowed to sell until October 13, 2018).

Then, the question is coming. What about the old GB plug-in board that the manufacturer has not sold out? Manufacturers who love the loopholes will definitely sell the old GB products at a discount to clean up their inventory. Classmates who love you, you must polish your eyes.

2. Only look for the "new national standard" three words

The real new national standard is GB 2099.3-2015 and GB 2099.7-2015. Although there is a 2015, many students who are not sensitive to numbers are not easy to remember. Moreover, "new" is also a relative concept, and profiteers who are good at confusing and there are other loopholes to drill.

In contrast to the real new national standard to be enforced on April 14th, GB2099.3-2008, which began in June 2010. Before that, we have an older national standard GB2099.3-1997. 2015, 2008, 1997 These three are all the national standards that we can find on the market. So what is the difference between the three national standards, we directly above the picture:

Two old national standard jacks

These are the two old national standard jacks, we can find the difference is very obvious:

1997 Old country jacks are compatible, British standard, American standard and other plugs, also known as the "big universal" 1997 national standard three-phase jack and two-phase jack is integrated, a total of 3 holes; 2008 GB Three-phase and two-phase jacks are separated by 5 holes

In order to be compatible with a variety of plugs, the internal structure is easy to loosen after a long period of use, causing short circuits, electric leakage, and even fires and other accidents.

According to relevant departments, in the fire accidents that occurred in China in the past 10 years in 2004-2014, fires caused by power strips, switches, etc. accounted for about 30% of the total number of fires, ranking first among all types of fires.

Compared with the 1997 national standard, the 2008 national standard is no longer a universal jack, but it is slowly showing signs of fatigue in all aspects:

Children use foreign matter to insert easily conductive power cords with insufficient cross-sectional area to face ever-increasing power demand

3. The new national standard plug-in patch panel should have the cultivation

The national standard looks dizzy, I will help you sum up the three points that need to pay attention to the most:

1. Security door design

The security door is well understood and it is nothing more than protecting the children from electric shock. Through the internal safety door module, when a foreign object is inserted into one of the sockets of the power strip, it is stuck, preventing direct contact with the metal dome inside the power strip and getting an electric shock

Insert the smart plug-in board with the safety door with scissors, simply by the safety door

2. Power cord thickness

We can directly understand the "power line cross-sectional area" in the national standard as a power cord thickness, which is better. When you decorate your home, you also know the thicker power cord, and the carrying capacity will be stronger. When using high-power appliances, you can be more assured. The specific provisions in the new national standard are: a 10A rated power strip, the minimum cross-sectional area of the conductor is 1 square millimeter; the rated 16A is 1.5 square millimeters.

This indicator can be viewed directly on the power line. The new national standard product 303 is the standard 1 square millimeter.

3. Higher flame retardancy

The flame retardancy is reflected in the fact that if the power strip is inadvertently short-circuited, the temperature of the power strip is too high, the outer casing of the power strip will not burn automatically, and it will become an "accomplice" to directly destroy your home. In the new national standard, the most accurate indicator is measured by the needle flame test. You can also test it yourself (well, I know that you are reluctant to put your newly purchased patch panel directly into the fire, I will do the experiment for you).

Use an open flame to burn the shell directly for 30 seconds. During the burning process, this product's KY-33 did not clearly produce an open flame. After the end of the burn, the shell leaving the flame is automatically extinguished.

4. Excellent patch panels also need such extra points

Ok, I believe that everyone has already understood how the new national standard patch panel is going to happen, and will also choose the new national standard patch panel. However, there are certainly many students who have doubts: the same is the new national standard reeling version, why the price difference is not small. Then, with the excellent patch panels with the following points, it is worth spending more to own them:

One-piece copper strip

Everyone knows that only metal is conductive, and copper is an excellent solution (hey, the classmate who said gold, please go out~). Therefore, the concentric patch panels will use copper as the internal shrapnel. The best solution is to completely abandon the wire and use a one-piece copper strip.

2. Overload protection

Others dare not say, anyway, as far as I know, most of the sister papers have returned the physics knowledge to the physics teacher. The concept of power has long forgotten the clouds. For a power strip with a power rating of only 2500W, a bunch of high-powered appliances go up and encounter a patch panel without overload protection... Well, the consequences are self-imagining.

As the name suggests, overload protection - protection beyond the load. Although it is a design that has been reinstated, it is appropriate to improve safety. Adding the power strip of the overload protection component can directly disconnect the power supply after using the electrical equipment exceeding the rated power at the same time to avoid a safety accident.

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