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Do not use the patch panel in series

Electricity is already an indispensable resource in our lives. In the hot summer days, no electric air conditioner fans can be used! I am afraid it will be heated into a dog!

However, many friends, especially those with a large number of places, such as schools, many people will connect the patch panels themselves in order to have more sockets! However, this practice is very dangerous!

Due to the large number of serial patch panels, the various appliances are also on! The patch panel is finally unable to withstand the pressure and smoke!

There is a jack on the wall of our university bedroom, so there is no way, we have a main plug, and our own plug is connected to the main plug! Sometimes I am really scared!

Can't stand the pressure and smoke instantly!

Then it will burn! Fortunately this is the lab! If you put it in a normal home, the consequences are unimaginable!

There are fewer end-end appliances, so the damage is not serious, and the main plug-in row is relatively large, so the damage is serious! Generally, the main plug can withstand up to 2500W, so everyone must pay attention to electricity safety!

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