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Is your home still using this socket? Throw it away and be careful to get rid of the "fire" upper bo

Recently, a four-year-old girl (a pseudonym) was admitted to the Burn Surgical Ward of West China Hospital in Sichuan. Her legs were almost burnt and black, which made people very worried. The attending doctor said that the current situation of the child is not optimistic, the legs may not be able to keep, and the risk of amputation is faced. The reason for all this turned out to be a short circuit on the patch panels that everyone is using! Near the Spring Festival, it reached the peak of electricity consumption. Plug-in boards are used by everyone, but if you use them improperly or buy a type that you shouldn't buy, it will become a major fire hazard. What kind of plug is a safety hazard? What are the mistakes in using the socket? What kind of socket is the safest? Don't worry, Xiaobian will take you to see!

What kind of socket has a security risk?

(1) Universal socket

Because this kind of socket is designed, in order to be compatible with two plugs or three plugs of foreign plugs (such as British standard, American standard, European standard plugs), there will be a large jack, which is easy to cause electric shock! Moreover, the contact area of the socket tab and the electrical plug is too small, which easily causes the tab to overheat and cause a fire! On June 1, 2010, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee began to enforce the second-generation national standard, which banned the production of universal hole sockets!

(2) The socket without a safety protection door in the jack

If a naughty child accidentally touches with a finger or a metal object, it is easy to cause an electric shock. In April 2017, the new version of the third edition of the socket was officially launched, requiring that the jack of the socket must be added to prevent accidental safety.

Sockets that meet the new national standard

1, must be marked with "3C certification" and implementation standards

Check out its product packaging to see if there is a CCC certification (also known as 3C certification) and GB2099.7-2015

2, there is an anti-accident safety door at the jack

Through the internal paddle switch, children can be prevented from accidentally touching the internal copper parts. If possible, use a key to sing a single jack to see if it can be inserted without powering up. A single hole should not be inserted.

3, PP or PC and other refractory materials

The flame retardant of the outer casing requires that the new plastic material be automatically extinguished after 3 seconds of contact with the external fire at 750 degrees Celsius. If you pick up an electric kettle, electric heater, and rice cooker at the same time, the total power is easily approached or exceeds the power design peak of the plug. Some plug panels that use traditional ABS materials will melt due to high temperatures, causing fires or more serious safety accidents.

According to the new national standard, only the use of PP or PC materials can pass the stricter fire certification to prevent the occurrence of fire.

4, the power cord is further bold

In the past, the 0.75 square millimeter socket power cord was raised to 1 square millimeter (rated current 10A). The thickening of the wire reduces the resistance, which reduces the heat generation of the wire, slows down the aging of the power cord and causes flames. The text on the cable can be checked. The common household plugs are 5 meter 10A standard, that is, the cable must have a 3 x 1 square millimeter mark.

The socket is the most dangerous

1, insert more plugs on one plug

Because of the excessive number of outlets, it is prone to heat and fire, resulting in fire and electric shock.

2. There is flammable material next to the socket

3, plug a number of high-power appliances into a socket

Plugs, wires, jacks, etc. of the power strip are current-limited. If multiple high-power appliances are connected to the power strip at the same time, it is easy to overload the power strip and even burn and fire.

1. Do not use the power cord plug.

Some people do not pinch the plug when pulling the plug, but directly force the power cord. This will cut off the part where the power cord is connected to the plug, which is prone to short circuit and cause a fire.

2. Unplug the power supply and disconnect the power supply when the appliance is used up.

Always check the use of the extension cord socket and find that it is abnormally replaced in time. Do not pay attention to turning off the main power supply for a long time.

3, do not use wet hands to plug

Using a wet hand to insert and remove the plug may cause an electric shock.

4, do not force change the size and shape of the plug

Some people buy electric appliances and find that the plug does not match the patch panel in the home, so they take measures to change the size or shape of the electrical plug. This can easily lead to poor contact between the plug and the power strip, reduce the reliability of the power supply of the home appliance, damage the home appliance and the power strip, and even cause a fire.

5, the occurrence of abnormalities should be replaced in time

When the power strip is overheated, fires, the plug and the power strip are not in good contact, and the plug is too loose or too tight, stop using it and replace it.

6, don't let the socket expire in service

The patch panel also has a service life. When the plug is inserted into the patch panel, the looseness and poor contact often occur, indicating that the inner reed is insufficiently elastic, and the patch panel has reached the age of scrapping and needs to be replaced.

7, pay attention not to exceed the rated current of the socket

Do not plug high-power household appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, and televisions into the power strips with a small rated current. The rated current of the electrical components plugged into the power strip should not exceed the insertion

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