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Is the quality of your power strip and switch panel qualified?

To be honest, many of my friends may have not paid much attention to socket products, and even think that they are "wiring boards", but the reality is that they no longer have a simple transfer function. As the safety requirements have become higher, the positioning and functions of the mainstream sockets have changed, using a better fire-resistant housing material, providing a more complete protection device for surges, overloads, etc. Better defense. In addition, there are many products that have added USB charging or even WiFi intelligent control. However, as an important safety line before users and electrical equipment, in addition to ease of use, security issues are even more important, and this is also the project of the new report of the new newspaper 315. The 12 sockets tested this time are priced from 39 yuan to 70 yuan, and are the "explosive models" of major e-commerce platforms, such as Hangjia Small U Standard Edition, Orrick, Deli, Philips, Bull, Op, and Victory, Schneider, breakthrough, Xiaomi, Siemens, bullets. 10 of them all have a USB charging interface.

This test, we carry out in the professional safety laboratory, we will pull out the strength test, full load temperature rise test, drop test, high temperature test, ground resistance test, USB charging interface full load test, USB high voltage impact test, The eight aspects of the 750 ° C glow wire burning test were tested.

Judging from the sockets that participated in the test, most of the products are quite reliable. Most of the products have good performance in most of the test items, including drop test, grounding resistance test, and USB charging interface full load test ( Only 10 products with USB interface), USB high-voltage impact test, all products have passed the test. But to our surprise, some of the first-line brands of explosion-proof sockets are doing poorly in terms of safety. The breakthrough and sub-warheads of the two brands of sockets are not even tested.

750 ° C glow wire burning test: In the national standard, the socket shell material must have sufficient flame retardant capacity. This project requires the socket housing to be separated after contact with the 750 °C glow wire for 30 seconds. The socket housing cannot continue to burn on open flame, and the dripping material cannot ignite the insulation paper at the bottom of the instrument.

This test product claims that the shell uses flame retardant materials, and most of the products have passed the test. However, the outer casing of the TZ-C0721K4 and the bullet TS-028X began to ignite immediately after contact with the glow wire, and continued to burn after separation. In addition, we observed that there are two kinds of materials on the outer casing of the breakthrough TZ-C0721K4, so the white shell part was re-fired and the result was still open flame burning.

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