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Smart patch panels go into life, how to ensure quality and quality?

Issuing time:2018-04-28 18:15

The living standards of our people are constantly improving, and smart homes are constantly entering thousands of households. No matter what smart homes are, they are inseparable from the support of electricity, so the intelligent patch panels are born, and the functions of intelligent patch panels are more. Samples, such as with a USB port, remote control, the ability to count the power of the trumpet, etc., greatly facilitate people's daily life, but as long as it involves electricity, you have to mention security issues.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a quality supervision and inspection on the power adapter (plug-in board) with USB interface for the production, sales and e-commerce platform sales in Shanghai. A total of 20 batches of power adapter products with USB interface were randomly selected. The test found that there were 8 unsuccessful projects with 8 batches of products, and the overall pass rate was around 60%. The researcher said that this only reached a level of reluctance.

The power adapter with USB socket is actually the intelligent power strip that people usually know. Among the 8 unqualified batches, the human body may touch the voltage of 220V due to insulation and other problems. The human body safety voltage is around 36V. , 220V, enough to be fatal. Among the eight batches, including big brands such as Philips, we can see how deep the water in the smart patch panel market is.

The main problem detected this time is that the insulation is not enough and the leakage is in a certain humidity environment, that is to say the quality of the power strip itself. These problems have a lot to do with the transformers and boards in the power strip.

The USB interface does not reach the 3C standard of 5V. The transformer used is obviously unqualified. The leakage under certain humidity indicates that the circuit board is poorly sealed and the stability is too bad. At this time, the boss of the patch panel has to be mentioned. The Bulls are also following the market to produce intelligent patch panels. The Bull's patch panels have always been the most expensive to sell, but everyone is willing to buy because of the quality of the rest assured.

The Bull's intelligent patch panel uses the most advanced ceramic circuit boards in the world to maintain a high level of insulation, stability, and thermal conductivity. Insulation can ensure that the power strip does not leak electricity. Good corrosion resistance can ensure that it can cope freely in a basic acid-base environment. Excellent thermal conductivity can dissipate heat from the circuit in time. Protect live equipment and the entire circuit.

Ceramic circuit boards are not a new term in China. Although it has not been developed for a long time in China, its obvious utility has already been demonstrated, and it has gradually replaced metal circuit boards and even FR-4. In the future market, ceramic circuit boards with superior performance will gradually become popular under the wave of environmental protection. By then, the level of the entire electronics industry in China will have a qualitative improvement.

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