Shenzhen Yizhen Technology Co., Ltd

Environmental equipment —— Our company is in line with international standards and introduces energy-saving CEC certified power supplies. My company's power products use "original brand of raw materials.....
Company profile
Focus on R & D and production of intelligent mobile peripheral products.
Yi Zhen technology 3C intelligent mobile peripheral product R & D enterprise, founded in 2012.
corporate culture
Improve the overall quality of employees, introduce advanced management mode, promote corporate image, create advanced enterprises, meet customer needs.
We constantly improve, continuously improve, standardize management, keep improving, and satisfy the needs of customers.
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Shenzhen Yizhen Technology Co., Ltd
Contact email: Contact number: 0755-88877888 Address: 2/F, Building 2, Guangyu Industrial Park, Huangtian, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen
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